​Half Moon Equine Herbals 


Happy Girl Mare Formula(great for Studdy Geldings, too!)

Super for all mares, regulates heat cycles, keeps the cranky days to a minimum. Contains Red Raspberry Leaf, Chamomile, Vitex, Lemon Balm. 1-2 oz. per day, lasts 30-60 days 1  lbs. $30.00


Joint/Arthritis Support

Herbs to help control inflammation and lubricate joints.Contains Turmeric, Burdock, Meadowsweet, Yucca, Goldenrod, Cleavers, Celery Seed, Kelp. 1-2 oz. per day, last approx 30-60 days. 1.5 lbs. $45.00

Sarcoid Formula

Works great to help support the control of sarcoids. Can be useful for the fight against skin cancer as well.  Contains: Burdock, Cleavers, Fenugreek, Red Clover, Garlic, Marshmallow, and Meadowsweet, Blue Violet. 2 oz per day, lasts 30 days.1.5 lbs. $45.00

Equine Detox: Liver and Kidney Support

detoxification support for overtaxed livers and kidneys in equines.

Contains Milk Thistle and Dandelion Root

1.5# bag


Immune Support

Herbs for the maintenance of the equine immune system. Contains Astragalus, olive leaf, and echinacea. 2 oz per day, lasts 30 days.2 lbs. $45.00

Glow Coat

Color Specific Formulas Black/Bay; Golds and Reds; White/Grays....Specify Color when Ordering

Super formula for a glossy, deep color, year round. Contains Fenugreek, Calendula, Oregano, Strawberry Leaves, Kelp, Thyme, Flax Seed, Paprika, Celery Seed or Nutmeg, and Rosehips. 2 oz. per day, lasts 1 horse approx. 30 days. 3 lbs. $30.00. Can be made without Paprika

Immune Support w/AntiViral 

Helps support the compromised equine immune system. Great for horses with systemic immune issues, or those battling viral infections. Contains Astragalus, olive leaf, catnip, lemon balm, oregon grape, uva ursi, yarrow, dandelion, garlic, kelp, marshmallow, boneset, licorice and goldenseal. 1.5 lbs, lasts one horse 45 days. $45.00 

Custom Blends

Please email or call. 

Metabolic Support

Support for horses with metabolic issues for healthy metabolism and blood sugar balance. Ingredients: Goat’s Rue, Celery Seed, Chaste Tree Berry, Hawthorn, Oregano, Rosehips, Kelp, Nettle, Garlic, Echinacea, Devil’s Claw, Meadowsweet 
2 oz 1-2x per day, lasts 30-45 days. $45.00

Navicular Support

Circulatory support and pain relief for the navicular horse. Ingredients: Hawthorn, Oregano, Rosehips, Kelp, Dandelion Leaf, Devil’s Claw,Yucca,Turmeric,

White Willow, Meadowsweet. 1.5 lbs lasts 30-45 days. $45.00 

Quiet Horse Calming Formula

For anxious or nervous horses. Ingredients: Chamomile, Hops, Lemon Balm,Thyme, Vervain. 1-2 oz. 1-2 times per day. Acts quickly, and can be used in acute situations. 1lb. $30. 

FDA Compliance Statement

These products and statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Half Moon products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult a veterinarian or health care professional . |

Happy Tummy: Digestive and Ulcer Support

Ingredients: Chamomile, Aloe

Vera Powder, Slippery Elm, marshmallow, plaintain, Myrhh, Pau D'Arco, Rosehips, Yarrow, and Licorice
Directions for use: ½-1 (2 oz.) scoop 1-2x per day. 1 lb. lasts 1 horse 30-45 days. $40.00